These Second Line Umbrellas

A True New Orleans Tradition No Mardi Gras Party Can Do Without!

Carrying an umbrella for shade in New Orleans, especially before the days of air conditioning, was very common, making an umbrella or parasol an accessory of choice for many southern ladies. Add to that the heat generated by a lively second line stroll; and the idea of carrying an umbrella or parasol becomes even more enticing.

Second line umbrellas, especially those unique and handmade, have come to flaunt attitude and personal style, twirling and spinning with rhythm of the band in celebration and jubilee! So grab your umbrella and get in the dance line!

In preparation of 2nd Line Atlanta's performance at this weekends private second line celebration, one of our own parade dancers created these creative, hand-embellished parasols to add to her own touch of flair!

Looking forward to the event and hope to catch some great photos!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

second line umbrella nola colors
Black gold and silver second line umbrella